Nature Inspired coffee machine!

5 11 2011

Hello followers,

This semester really kinda snuck up on me and then beat me up in an alley way. I definitely didn’t expect to be so busy. BUT with all that being said I am learning so many things that I can’t even be mad. On the first day of ID1- MAV we received a project brief for a nature inspired kitchen appliance.  I chose to do a Tabby Cat inspired Coffee Machine.



From there we did like 40 sketches;

Refined 10 of our “best” sketches. (Or favorite ideas)
From there we chose our top 3 idea that we wanted to move forward with.


From there we made sketch models of these three concepts.

Two in Low-Density yellow foam;

Then one from blue insulation foam;

Feeling pretty good about where these were headed.

Then all of a sudden my professor informs us that we were to build a whole rough sketch model in the 2 hours of class that she was allotting us. I am freaking out a little bit. “TWO HOURS?! SERIOUSLY.” There is no way I am going to get anything done.

I was feeling a little adventurous and decided to go with some apexes on the top to “hopefully” bring out a little more of the cat-like qualities… boy was that a joke. Although, for a children’s coffee maker this may have been successful… it was definitely too whimsical for the approach I wanted to take.

We did some renderings (these I am not proud of) I ended up doing a re-visitation of my final rendering, which was turning out quite well in comparison. BUT, as time was very valuable throughout  this two month period, I was not able to move forward with it completely.

Finally, the moment you have all been waiting for!
At least, the moment I hope you were waiting to see. That is why you chose to continue reading, correct? 😛

The final product;

Two months, half a ream of paper, tons of supplies and foam later…

Hope you enjoyed my journey.

I appreciate your care in reading this article, stay tuned for my next article in regarding the kitchen shears that I am currently working on!






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